Our Cottages

Our cosy cottages are beautifully built in the traditional Nepali style by carpenters and masons from Kirtipur, adorned with the characteristic doors and small windows. In their construction, we use natural materials and building methods, including mud and natural paints.



We offer three accomodation types : small, medium & large cottages.

Small Cottages accommodate up to 3 guests. These cottages house one double loft bed, one single loft bed & a private western toilet. The communal shower house* is available for showers.

Medium Cottages can accommodate 2 to 4 guests, depending on the design. Each one houses a private toilet & bathroom with shower and hot water.

Large cottages accommodate up to 6 guests. These cottages house 2 double beds, 2 single beds along with private toilet & bathroom with shower and hot water.

* Our spacious communal shower house is run on solar-heated water, supporting our water recycling system & our environmentally friendly practices.
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We have 6 small, 5 medium and 2 large cottages, giving us room for a total of approximately 30 guests.

All of our accommodation choices have electric heaters, plenty of natural light and views of the surrounding environment.

Wireless internet is available in all communal areas and in some of the cottages.

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By staying with us, you are contributing toward sustainable tourism, which is very important for the future Nepal